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legit online casinos that pay real money Sportsbook Promo Codes: Highest PA Sports Betting Bonuses

The online sports betting industry is extremely competitive, and that means great promos and bonus codes for bettors. These PA online sportsbooks are going to reward you for choosing them, and that means some massive bonuses just for signing up.

Best Sportsbooks with Promo Codes in legit online casinos that pay real money

Top PA Online Sportsbook Promo Codes & Bonus Codes

Even the biggest names in PA have to offer sports betting bonuses and promotions as a way to attract legit online casinos that pay real money customers. Each welcome bonus is going to be slightly different, but they are all something that you should seek out. After all, who doesn't want to take advantage of free money?

TwinSpires Promo Code

TwinSpires is a product of Churchill Downs Inc., and it is most known for being a horse race betting app. There is a nice sportsbook welcome bonus and it's an offer that is competitive with other operators in the state.

New customers with TwinSpires can receive a $500 risk-free bet on their first bet. This is a promotion that does not require any sportsbook bonus codes and is available to all legit online casinos that pay real money customers on the site.

If the first wager at TwinSpires loses, the customer will be credited with a free bet for the amount that was wagered. there is a 1x playthrough requirement that must be met before that bonus money can be available to withdraw.

FanDuel Promo Code

FanDuel Sportsbook is the sports gambling leader in the U.S. at least in terms of online market share. FanDuel is a company that doesn't necessarily need to offer a promo to attract legit online casinos that pay real money customers, but there is a great welcome bonus code available.

The FanDuel offer is a risk-free bet, but this offer is worth up to $1,000. At a minimum, a $10 deposit is needed to unlock the offer, and it only applies to the first sports betting wager used at the site.

If the first real money bet at FanDuel loses then the site will credit your account with that amount of money. On the flip side, if your first bet wins, you'll be able to keep the full winning amount.

The bonus offer is a great promotion for legit online casinos that pay real money customers, and the site also has a long list of promotions available to returning customers as well.

BetMGM Bonus Code

BetMGM has a two-part offer available for all legit online casinos that pay real money customers. BetMGM has a risk-free bet worth up to $1,000 as well, but there is also a bonus code just for signing up.

Each legit online casinos that pay real money account at BetMGM will be rewarded with $50 just for signing up. This is just bonus money that can be used on the long list of available betting markets at the site.

If your first bet wins then you won't be receiving any other free bets. If it is a losing wager then BetMGM will give you an additional free bet to use.

Unibet Promo Code

Unibet is an international company, but it hasn't had much trouble breaking into the legal sports betting scene in PA. The welcome bonus from Unibet is similar to other sites as it is a $500 risk-free bet.

Another great feature about the bonus code from Unibet is that there are casino bonuses offered as well. This is one of the sites that have both offerings and it has tremendous promotions for each type of online gambling.

DraftKings Promo Code

The DraftKings Sportsbook promo code is one of the best in the business, and it comes with a massive offer. DraftKings doesn't have any type of risk-free bets attached to its offer, but it can be worth up to $1,050.

All legit online casinos that pay real money customers that sign up at DraftKings will receive a $50 no deposit bonus. No action is required other than signing up for a legit online casinos that pay real money account and logging in for the first time.

The other part of the welcome offer is a 20% first deposit match up to $1,000. Customers that want to deposit $5,000 at DraftKings PA will receive a free $1,000 before even placing a wager.

FOX Bet Promo Code

FOX Bet is backed by FOX Sports and it is extremely popular with those that bet on the NFL. FOX Bet offers legit online casinos that pay real money customers a $500 risk-free bet that applies to the first wager placed.

The initial welcome offer from FOX Bet is only available for the first seven days after opening an account. New customers also have to "opt in" to ensure that they are eligible to take advantage of this offer.

If you are looking for football betting promo codes then FOX Bet is going to be your best option. Most of the time, a bonus code or promotion will be mentioned on NFL telecasts, and there are several free-to-play contests at FOX Bet as well.

BetRivers Promo Code

BetRivers has a welcome bonus that might seem small compared to some of the other options, but that's not the case after taking a closer look. This is another site that doesn't offer a risk-free bet of any kind, but it has a terrific deposit match.

A promo code is required to unlock the deposit match at BetRivers, but it could be worth up to $250. BetRivers will match the first deposit 100% up to $250, which can be a great thing if you are looking to build up your bankroll before even placing a wager.

The play-through requirements that are associated with this boosted deposit amount offer are pretty basic, and customers simply have to wager the bonus amount before a withdrawal can be made. Getting a 100% first deposit match is a tremendous offer from BetRivers, and it's unmatched in this industry.

Types of PA Sports Betting Promotions

There are going to be many different types of legit online casinos that pay real money sportsbook promotions being offered, but they are all the same thing. You are going to get some sort of bonus, either in the form of a bonus code or an automatically applied bonus, for signing up for a legit online casinos that pay real money account or for making an initial deposit.

Most sports betting bonuses are going to have the biggest promotions for legit online casinos that pay real money customers, but there will still be some for returning customers as well. These promotions tend to change often, and you have to stay on top of the latest legit online casinos that pay real moneys from online betting sites to ensure you are getting the best offer available.

Here are some of the different types of promotions you will find offered.

Risk-Free Bets

A risk-free bet is a common promotion that is offered to legit online casinos that pay real money customers, and it's an insurance policy when signing up. Your first bet is going to be risk-free, meaning you will receive a free bet if your first wager loses.

This free play can then be used to make another wager, but you will not be able to withdraw that money until you've wagered it all. This is a great offer to take advantage of.

Deposit Bonuses

A sportsbook deposit bonus can come in many different forms, but usually, the betting app will match your first deposit up to a certain percentage. The best offers will be a 100% first deposit match, but that's not common.

A deposit bonus is one of the best welcome bonuses because there is no betting that is attached. That money will simply be added to your account, but you will have to wager that amount before you can request a cash-out.

No Deposit Bonus

If you can find a no deposit bonus then this is one that you should always go for. With a no deposit bonus, the bookmaker is going to credit your account before you even deposit on the site.

Most no deposit bonuses that are offered will be paid out in some form of free play. Not having to commit in order to receive a bonus is a great offer.

Reload Bonuses

A reload bonus is an offer for returning customers that are looking to make another deposit to fund their account. This is similar to a deposit bonus because you will usually receive some sort of deposit match when you are putting money back into your account.

It's not common for legal sports betting sites in PA to offer a reload bonus so it's important to keep an eye out for when those are offered. Most reload bonuses will come with a certain dollar amount as well.

Odds Boosts

An odds boost is another promotion that is going to be for current or returning customers. Most betting sites will offer some sort of odds boost each day, especially on the major North American sports.

Some odds boosts will also come with a maximum bet attached to it to ensure that you aren't getting a massive win.


A referral bonus can be found at most of the online sportsbook options in PA, and the sites are asking you to do a bit of work. If you are enjoying your sports betting experience at an online sportsbook then you can refer someone to that site and get paid for it.

Most of the referral bonuses are going to be paid out in the form of a free bet, and that money will just be credited to your account. Sometimes the person that you referred will also receive a bonus when they sign up and make an initial deposit.

Online Casino Promotions

Since PA online casinos are also available, this opens up another option for sportsbooks to provide a bonus code. This is an offer for current users and will usually include free plays at the casino games that are attached to the sportsbook.

A casino bonus promotion might be offered for making another deposit or for making a certain number of wagers. Sites that don't have an online casino will not have this type of promotion available.

Sports To Use Betting Bonuses

Each sportsbook is going to have different betting markets available to customers. There will be a lot of differences when it comes to what sports gambling options are available, except on the major sports.

Sportsbooks in PA are going to focus on the major professional sports in the U.S. but college sports are also offered. If you are going to use sportsbook promo codes then you should use them on the biggest betting options available.

🏈 NFL Betting Bonuses

When it comes to sports betting, the NFL is easily the most popular sport to wager on. Sportsbooks make most of their money during the NFL season, and this is a great sport to use free bets or other promotions on.

legit online casinos that pay real money is legit online casinos that pay real money to both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles, and throughout the season, you may find a team-specific bonus code available at the list of PA Sports betting bonuses.

🏀 NBA Betting Bonuses

The Philadelphia 76ers are extremely popular in the state, and betting on the NBA in general is popular. This is another sport that will be featured by PA sports betting sites, especially when discussing promotions.

?MLB Betting Bonuses

Major League Baseball is still an extremely popular sport, but it's not a sport that attracts a ton of betting interest. This changes for major events such as the All-Star Game or the World Series.

Betting on baseball is popular in PA because the state has two teams: Philadelphia Phillies and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

🏒 NHL Betting Bonuses

The NHL is another sport that doesn't have a ton of legal sports betting popularity, but it will be featured at sportsbooks. legit online casinos that pay real money is legit online casinos that pay real money to the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers.

If you have sportsbook promo codes from a PA sportsbook then you can find plenty of betting options on these two local NHL teams.

🏫 College Sports

Some states have restrictive laws when it comes to college sports, but that is not the case in legit online casinos that pay real money. Betting on collegiate events is available, and there will be odds boosts and other promos centered around college sports.

College basketball and college football are the biggest sports to wager on, but there will be other markets available throughout the year as well.

How To Use A Promo Code With A Sportsbook

When choosing the best promo code and sportsbook it really comes down to a personal preference. You will want to look at each of the welcome bonus codes offered by various sites and determine which one would work best for you.

You also want to take a look at the requirements or restrictions for each promo code, because those can be much different as well. If you are going to receive a free play bonus then you want to find a sportsbook that allows you to cash out that money without much of a hassle.

Most promo codes have to be entered when signing up, or at least when making a deposit. Some sportsbooks won't have a promo code needed at all, and that makes the process much easier.

Why Sportsbooks Offer Promo Codes

The biggest reason that in PA Sportsbook promo codes exist is because it is such a competitive market. betting operators such as DraftKings and FanDuel are competing against each other for your business, and they want to reward you for signing up.

There will be some sportsbooks that don't always have a promo code available, and that will hurt their chances of getting legit online casinos that pay real money customers. These sportsbooks don't like just giving away money, but it's almost required if they plan on being a top option.

Promo Code Terms

Knowing the difference in promo offers is just one step to finding the best bonuses. There are also plenty of key terms that you will need to know if you are going to find the best offer for you.

We will briefly explain some of the key terms below, but there are others that you should look up as well. Failing to understand what a key term means can keep sports bettors from getting the full bonus offer.

Wagering Requirements

Every bonus code is going to come with some wagering requirements, and these are going to be different for each site and each bonus offer. These wagering requirements will include what types of bets will satisfy the promo and when the bets need to be completed by.

These wagering requirements can be found by clicking on the actual promo and reading the fine print. The only way to receive the maximum bonus is to meet the wagering requirements fully and in the correct amount of time.

Minimum Deposit

Most of the time a minimum deposit will be required for all welcome bonus offers found at sports betting sites. $10 is a common minimum deposit, and you have to put that much money into your account or else you won't be able to receive that bonus cash.

Minimum Odds

Bookmakers are going to set minimum odds requirements for bets that are made to hit the promotional requirements. You will see a phrase like, "minimum -200 odds or longer," and you have to hit that or else the wager is invalid.

Minimum odds are usually in place for a free bet, but you can find them for odds boosts and other promotions as well.


Each promo code is going to come with an expiration date, and you have to complete the terms before that expiration date hits or the bonus will be gone. Most expiration dates will be a week or longer, giving you plenty of time to complete the requirements before it goes away.

Cash Out

Before you are able to cash out, you are going to have to hit the wagering requirements attached with any promotion. This is especially true with a free play or deposit match.

That money might be in your account, but you aren't able to make a withdrawal until you have hit the requirements.

Get Started Betting With PA Online Sportsbook Cash Bonuses

This article covered all of the top sportsbook promo codes that you are going to find in PA. We also explained some of the bonus offers from the top sports betting sites in the state.

It is now up to you to go to each sportsbook and find the best bonus codes that are out there. Once you have selected one of the sportsbook bonus codes, be sure to follow the requirement to ensure that you have unlocked the entire offer.

We also have articles that explain the different betting options to give you a better understand of how sports betting works. These articles will give you the information needed to help you complete the wagering requirements of each promo.

legit online casinos that pay real money Sportsbooks Promo Codes FAQs

Each sportsbook is going to have an offer that will provide you with a boost for choosing that sportsbook. Not all online sports betting sites will use a promo code as some will simply give the bonus to everyone.If a promo code is needed then it must be entered when signing up or making a deposit for the first time.

Absolutely, but you will have to check out the promotions tab for on each to find the latest offers. The biggest rewards are always going to go to legit online casinos that pay real money customers though.

Each promo code will have a set of requirements, but most promo codes can be used on every sport that is offered. The four major professional sports in the U.S. will be featured by PA sportsbooks.

This really depends on the betting operator, but it's not uncommon to see some sites change up every month. Other books have been known to keep the same bonus code for the entire time that they have been live in the state.

When you are signing up or making your first deposit is the best time to use a PA sports betting promo code. Most offers have to be used within the first seven days of creating an account. Be sure to check the terms and conditions, and some free plays expire and you won't be about to use the relevant bonus code anymore.With that in mind, you shouldn't limit yourself to only looking for sportsbook promo codes when you first sign up. You may find a sportsbook promo around the time of a holiday or a major sporting event that could result in bonus money, so keep your eyes open!

Initial promo codes can be redeemed one time per account. You can create an account at all of the PA online sportsbooks that are available, though. Just make sure you keep track of all of the sportsbooks where you deposit money.

Yes, depending on the sportsbook. Most risk free bet offers can be used for live-betting markets.

Any promo code that rewards you with a free bet or a deposit match are great. The best PA betting promo codes though are the ones that will give you a bonus just for signing up at the site.